There are many ways to define the commitment of companies that decide to include the social and environmental dimension in their business, in addition to the economic one. The most effective, however, is “corporate sustainability”. Hedge Invest SGR has embarked on its own path towards sustainable development by deciding to adhere to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), launched by the United Nations with the aim of encouraging the spread of sustainable and responsible investment among institutional investors. Hedge Invest SGR has decided to implement ESG policies and procedures in order to actively adopt behaviours in line with corporate social responsibility. In detail, the objective towards our investors is to provide the necessary transparency in the application of ESG principles through the adoption of:
  • Policies and procedures
  • Data collection
  • Metrics comparable over time and between products
  • Performance impact measurement
  • Reporting

Hedge Invest SGR is supported in the process by Nexen Business Consulting, part of the Engineering Group.

By leveraging the participation of the parent company AM Holdings in Treedom, Hedge Invest SGR has decided to reward its investors by planting 100 trees in a mix of Treedom projects worldwide.

For more information and to visit the dedicated page for this initiative, please click here.

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